Aruba has lots more to offer than the beloved white sandy beaches and friendly people.

During your Aruba vacation you should venture off the beaten path and try out these signature Aruba Experiences!

Cool off in Conchi

Nestled at the base of the northern shore cliffs within Arikok National Park is the natural pool of Conchi, one of Aruba’s most exclusive experiences and hidden gems – accessible only by off-road vehicle, bicycle or horseback. For those who want to indulge beyond the scenery, the calm and clear waters of the Caribbean pool are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The rugged and wild journey to Conchi rewards travelers with breathtaking views accompanied by excitement of crashing waves created by the shell-shaped pool.

Ultimate Sand Bar Island

Aruba offers 25+ toes-in-the-sand and floating dock dining experiences for visitors to enjoy. Guests who love seafood or simply the sea make it a mission to spend their entire vacation eating only at restaurants on the water. Explore where you can indulge in the Ultimate Sand Bar Experience!

Mangel Halto Drift

Tucked away along the western coast in the Pos Chikito district near the Spanish Lagoon, Mangel Halto is beloved for its beauty and seclusion. Locals retreat to this secret spot to “drift” on the water during a stand-up paddle board excursion or snorkeling adventure, or “drift” off to sleep under the mangrove trees after a relaxing afternoon picnic. Beach-goers should bring their own towels, food and equipment unless they’ve signed up for an activity through a tour operator.