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Arubaanse Keuken
Local aruban cuisine
Local aruban cuisine
Local aruban cuisine
Local Aruban Cuisine

Our happy island is also a food lover’s paradise. Aruba is home to more than 90 nationalities, and you’ll taste that international diversity in our cuisine.

Caribbean flavors meet Dutch favorites, with South American and European influences along the way.

Classic delicacies such as frogs’ legs and liver join fresh catches of the day on menus, as well as Argentinean churrasco, Spanish tapas, Caribbean jerk ribs, funchi, pan bati, and keshi yena, a spiced meat dish cooked inside a cheese wheel.

We have more than 100 resort and hotel restaurants in Aruba. Dine in the popular Palm Beach area or take a short trip down the road to downtown Oranjestad. It has been undergoing a revitalization, and with it, exciting new eateries have arrived.

From top-ranked fine dining to local spots off the beaten path, you’ll get a true taste of Aruba at every meal.

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Restaurant Week (October 3 - 16, 2016)

Tourists and locals alike can enjoy new epicurean delights during the ‘The Eat Local Aruba Restaurant Week’ inaugural event. The restaurant week offers food critics, wine connoisseurs, foodies and everyone in between the opportunity to explore Aruba’s culinary heritage. 

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