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Green Vacations
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Green Vacations
Aruba takes going green seriously, planning to lead the Caribbean (and entire world) by 2020 as the best example of a small island economy powered by renewable energy. There’s a reason people say we’re at the forefront of the green revolution, as we’re working to generate 100% of our island’s energy from renewable sources over the next 10 years. Visit our page on the Green Aruba initiative to get the details.

Aruba is at the forefront of the green revolution.   Conservation efforts are underway to protect natural habitats in the fragile Aruba Ecosystem, and nearly 20% of Aruba’s electricity is generated by wind turbines. In the next 10 years, 100% of our island’s energy is set to come from renewable sources.

On July 20th, 2012, Sir Richard Branson and Prime Minister Mike Eman signed an agreement at the Climate Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to foster a Green Aruba, helping the island set an example for the world by becoming the first country to be entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2020.

To reach this Green Aruba benchmark, we’ve installed wind and solar parks around the island, and we’re working on a smart energy network and new cost-effective technologies, including a reduction of water usage.

To be less dependent on imports, businesses and restaurants have been growing more of their own food and supporting local farmers. Resorts and hotels in Aruba have joined in the effort by earning prestigious Green Globe Awards, which take into account social responsibility, conservation and energy reuse.

Underwater, conservation efforts are in place to protect the Aruba Ecosystem and its pristine beaches and undersea life with annual cleanups through the Aruba Reef Care Project. On the island, you can also visit the protected Arikok National Park, and a refuge for our feathered friends, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary.

If you are interested in helping to preserve our Aruba Ecosystem during your visit and create a Green Aruba, check out our Volunteer Vacations ideas.