Volunteer Vacations
Volunteer vacation aruba
Volunteer vacation aruba
Volunteer vacation aruba
Form a stronger bond with the One Happy Island by helping to preserve it! Join us in protecting the beauty and health of Aruba’s beaches, live reefs and island wildlife by signing up for one of our awesome volunteer vacation packages. Find out about all the opportunities to help support Aruba, from our Reef Care Project to the Donkey Sanctuary, by visiting our volunteer vacations page.


Doing good feels good, and we take great pride in keeping our 19-mile paradise beautiful. When you visit, join us in our commitment to protect our ecosystem, and return home happy, knowing you’ve left our environment even cleaner than when you arrived.


Throughout the year, glass, rubber, metal, plastic and more is retrieved from reefs, beaches and shallow waters along our coast from Baby Beach to Arashi Beach. It is our largest volunteer environmental initiative, and attracts locals as well as volunteers from around the globe who snorkel, dive and comb Aruba’s beaches to keep our environment clean.

For more information about the annual Aruba Reef Care Project, contact the Santa Rosa, Hadicurari division at


Aruba joins 60 other nations in hosting an annual Coastal Clean-Up Day. The public and private sectors join together to clean up the coast, from Surfside to Wilhelmina Park, Arikok National Park, Baby Beach and more. This event usually takes place in September or October. For more information contact Vanessa Rasmussen at


When you’re here, stop by the Donkey Sanctuary, where we care for and feed our wild, four-legged friends. If you arrive early, you can even help with the daily chores of feeding and caring for the donkeys—they especially love apples and carrots. You can also adopt one of them for only $15 a month!

If you are interested in volunteering in Aruba, we’d love to have you. Just check our Calendar of Events before your visit!