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Relax & Renew Aruba
Relax & Renew Aruba
Relax & Renew Aruba
Woman in hangmat on the Aruba Beach
Find out how a just a week on the One Happy Island can completely transform your life! If you’re interested in a truly relaxing vacation, then you couldn’t pick a better spot than Aruba, the home of incredible wellness retreats and happy vacations. Feel free to start your days with rejuvenating morning yoga, or a nice slow walk down one of our world-renowned white-sand beaches, enjoy a revitalizing spa treatment (or two), or simply lounge around on the beach under the swaying palms and amongst our cool, incredible trade winds. Whatever kind of relaxation experience you’re looking to achieve, you can find it right here in Aruba!

Many visitors say that Aruba is the most relaxing place they’ve ever been. There’s something about our warm, dry air and cooling trade winds that help people unwind.

As soon as you unpack, reserve a treatment in one of Aruba’s spas. Many resorts offer massages and facials right on the beach, featuring aloe cultivated on our very own island.

If you like to relax and rejuvenate with a little physical activity, try a morning run on the beach, a yoga class at one of our resorts or even try something new, like paddleboard yoga.

During the month of June, the Aloe Wellness Month Aruba takes place. An entire month dedicated to allowing you to balance your mental and physical health on the One happy island!

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