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Once you have decided to embark on that long-awaited vacation aboard a luxury yacht and indulge in the laid-back lifestyle of the sunny Aruba you can rest assured that your entire stay will be planned just the way you imagined it … or even better! Your time aboard and ashore, can be entirely personalised by a highly experienced broker, and together with your Captain, they will create an itinerary that is completely based on your desires, needs and dreams. Aruba is renowned for its fabulous beaches of all sizes, for example the Baby Beach, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach or stunning Arashi Beach, which can all be incorporated into your Aruban experience. The crew on board will even arrange bookings in some of the best Aruban restaurants for you. There are plenty of fantastic places to choose from: the tropical The West Deck restaurant and bar or The Old Fisherman, renowned for its authentic home-style Aruban cuisine. You might choose to leave the itinerary as flexible as possible and simply 'go with a flow' or you might like to have everything pre-planned, so all you have to do in Aruba is relax and enjoy the ride! 

The Old Fisherman Aruba


Picture yourself waking up surrounded by tranquil waters caressed by a warm Caribbean breeze, while a freshly prepared fruit juice awaits you to help you kick-start a day full of carefree adventures and unlimited water-fun. This liberating feeling will accompany you throughout your entire holiday, free of unwanted crowds and fellow tourist. Superyachts are equipped with a wide selection of luxury water toys at your disposal to use whenever you desire or you can simply relax in a private Jacuzzi, or sunbathe on board enjoying the views of the beautifully-rugged cactus-strewn landscapes of Aruba. It is completely up to you whether you want to explore the Arikok National Park offering interesting historical, cultural or geological sites, take a walk to Aruba's California Lighthouse or let your crew book you in for an exhilarating Jeep Tour along Aruba's northern coast. Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, with its fine examples of colonial Dutch architecture such as Fort Zoutman and the adjacent Willem III tower also deserves a day's tour.

The Natural Pool in National Park Arikok


Luxury superyachts are built to perfection. Each and every detail aboard these vessels has been created with luxury, comfort and indulgence in mind. Chartering a yacht to experience Aruba, you will only have to unpack once, yet enjoy the luxury of being able to move from place to place as you wish. Yacht designers and constructors create these boats with fine attention to detail and highest quality of craftsmanship possible. Members of the crew prepare and organise everything you desire before your actual arrival, so when you step aboard your only 'job' is to completely enjoy your time in Aruba. The spacious on board staterooms are beautifully styled and decorated, offering the latest in design, facilities and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Each cabin is equipped with its own en suite bathroom with the finest in linen and furnishings. 

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Privacy is highly treasured these days, and often very hard to find. Enjoy a private retreat a superyacht can offer after an exiting day of horse riding or water activities. Chartering a yacht will help you to detach from the crowds and fully savor your precious time with family and friends. Take in the tranquility of your surroundings anchored away from the coastline, perhaps hidden behind a small abandoned island or just overlooking the shimmering lights of the nearby port of Aruba. 


Throughout your entire vacation in Aruba you will be looked after by a highly skilled and professional superyacht crew, making sure you have an unforgettable experience and your holiday is truly something that you will never forget. Crew quarters on large super yachts are completely separated from guest areas, allowing for even more privacy without any compromise on the five-star service. The crew makes sure all your desires, needs and wishes are met, creating the best Aruba holiday you could ever imagine. Everything revolves around offering the best service and organising activities that are most suited to your personality and mood. You might want to relax aboard the entire time or you might want to embark on an activity-filled adventure of your lifetime, discovering all the treasures Aruba has to offer.

Picture courtesy of Motor Yacht STARFIRE

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