Aruba Trivia: 22 Fun Facts About Aruba!

Aruba lovers out there, we are putting you to the test! How well do you think you know Aruba? Take this quiz and find out! Some of these questions are easy, some are no-brainers and some…. well even we had to ask some experts. Ok ready? Here we go!

Aruba History

Aruba has a rich colonial history, as we were colonized by the Spanish, English and Dutch. But way before the Europeans arrived in Aruba, Aruba had an indigenous tribe of Indians living in peace and harmony with each other, a community of small families catching fish and collecting natural food. A good tip: prep yourself for the below questions by reading all about our history.

1. In what year was Aruba discovered?
2. What is the name of our first inhabitants?
3. What is the name of our first Airport?
4. What is the name of the first luxury resort of Aruba which opened its doors in 1959?

Aruba Geography and Nature

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Aruba's dry climate causes our landscape to be arid and dessert-like filled with cacti and our iconic Divi trees. But even with our small size, there are so many contrasting landscapes when you drive around Aruba; on the south/west side pristine turquoise waters and white sandy beaches paint the quintessential Caribbean picture. On the north side rough waters suitable for only the most extreme watersports collide against the desert-like terrain of the north shore. Have you already gone "off-road" with a jeep, on horseback or on an ATV? Then perhaps you can answer these questions below:

5. What is the highest point in Aruba?
6. What is our national animal?
7. What is our national flower?
8. Of the ABC islands, which one is the smallest?
9. What is the size of Aruba?
10. What is our national agricultural export product?
11. Which is Aruba's most famous beach?
12. What is the name of Aruba's Natural Pool?

Aruba Culture

For a small island, Aruba is tremendously rich in culture. This richness is owed to the diversity of the Aruban community; with more than 96 different nationalities living on the One happy island, we can certainly call ourselves a cultural melting pot. It is reflected in our language, our food and just about every aspect of daily life. Apart from being a multicultural island, Aruba has a multitude of cultural elements that have been authentically Aruban for a very long time. Read up on these unique cultural elements and see if you can answer the following questions.

13. Which song in the 80s made Aruba popular?
14. What are our national languages?
15. What is "funchi"?
16. What animal is portrayed on the 100 florin bill?

Aruba Fun Facts

And now for the toughest part of this quiz… Only a true Aruba fan will get these questions right. If you're an Aruba diehard and you're up for the challenge, go ahead and answer the difficult questions below.

17. What is our National Beer's name?
18. What is in a Balashi Cocktail?
19. What's a "dushi"?
20. Who is not a famous Aruban Athlete?
21. What is our current slogan?
22. What is our biggest party of the year?

How many Aruba Facts do you think you got right? Fill in your email address and find out if you are a true Aruba expert. Participants have a chance to win an Aruba gift basket! Winner will be announced Monday, December 12, 2016 on Aruba's Facebook page.

About the blogger: Jane Vermaas
Born and raised on the One happy island Aruba, her passions include everything Aruba has to offer. From the best snorkel spots to authentic cultural experiences, she will give you the inside scoop on where to beach bum and where to get the best local dish, where to go salsa dancing and the island’s best practices to happiness!