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Best places to catch Pokémon in Aruba
Since the release of Nintendo’s mobile game Pokémon Go almost two weeks ago, the world has been turned upside down with the Pokémon game. From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone’s main goal for the past two weeks has been to level up and catch as many Pokémon’s as possible. Here are some of the hotspots for Pokémon hunting on the island.


Shop and level up at the same time. Downtown Oranjestad boast amazing shopping and a large amount of Pokestops. Explore them all and discover a little bit of Aruba’s history along the away.

Palm Beach

Eat and play. Most restaurants on Palm Beach offer you free Wi-Fi to play Pokémon Go without having to use up all your data. Discover some of Aruba’s renowned restaurants catching Pikachu and countless Pokémon along the way. If you’re staying at one of the high-rise resorts, you’re in luck; these are hot spots for both water Pokémon and land Pokémon.

Arikok National Park

Discover the natural beauty while snatching some unique Pokémon among the rugged hills of Arikok National Park. With Pokestops at unique locations it is a great opportunity to go on a rocky adventure with the whole family.

San Nicolas

Known as the Sunrise City, San Nicolas has an abundance of Pokestops including some at the famous Roger's and Baby Beach. Enjoy a relaxing day at the pristine beaches while still increasing your Pokémon count. After a long day of sightseeing and Pokémon hunting, relax and enjoy the sunset.

Click on the map below to explore more of Aruba’s Pokémon hotspots and pokestops and Catch ‘Em All on the One happy island!

Pokemon Map Aruba

*Please do not play and drive.

About the blogger: Ulrich Hermans
Born and raised in Aruba’s vibrant capital city Oranjestad; he enjoys the best Aruba has to offer, whether it is off-roading in Arikok National Park or just cruising the waters with friends on a Sunday afternoon. Formerly a Happy Information Officer, he will provide you with golden tips on the best hotspots and experiences on the island.