Aruba Reef Project 2015
Help Keep Our Beaches Clean!

Aruba is most famous for its beautiful beaches and from early on the importance of keeping these beaches clean is ingrained in the mind of every young Aruban. So it’s no wonder why the annual Aruba Reef Care Project, taking place this Sunday the 20th of September, is one of Aruba’s largest volunteer initiatives. Hundreds of volunteers unite to clean up our beautiful beaches and underwater reefs. 

One Happy Clean Island

Hotels, activity centers, church groups and other Aruban companies volunteer alongside locals and tourists during this 1 day weekend event, where almost the entire coastline, from the California Lighthouse all the way to Boca Grandi and Baby Beach, will be tackled.

Awareness Programs

Besides the big clean up event, Aruba Reef Care Foundation also visits local schools to raise awareness on the importance of preserving Aruba’s marine environment from early on. Schools are motivated to adopt a beach which they can then periodically keep clean. In this form they actively contribute to the Aruba’s environment and are an example for our local community. Other groups such as private companies can request such a presentation as well.

Teenagers doing their part 

Development of Aruba Reef Care Project

During the years the number of volunteers has kept on growing (up to approx. 1000) while simultaneously there has been a noticeable and steady decline of trash collected. This is a clear signal that the awareness campaigns are effective! Aruba Reef Care Project was initiated in 1994 by Aruban diver Castro Perez and marine biologist Byron Boekhoudt. This volunteer project has received much annual support by the Aruba Tourism Authority and other organizations in the public and private sector.

Help Clean Our Beaches

This Sunday the 20th of September the Aruba Reef Care Project will host its 21st edition. If you want to participate contact the Aruba Reef Care Foundation at 586-0820569-5423740-0797 and ask for Francesca Heinze or Castro Perez. Every participant will receive a t-shirt, lunch box, soft drinks and during the final celebration at the Neptali Henriquez Park you will receive a certificate honoring your efforts!

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