pop up clean up Aruba
Join the Pop- Up Cleanup Crew to help Aruba’s Nature Stay Clean.

We all know that Aruba has beautiful beaches and precious nature. Unfortunately hidden to the public eye and sometimes even in plain sight you can find piles of trash. We of Pop up - Cleanup are tired of complaining and want to see a difference. 

On the 26th of June 'Pop up- Clean Up' has cleaned up its fifth cunucu/mondi (forrest). This included the highly trashed mondi near the Texaco in Tanki Leendert, Paraguana. Initiators Tatiana Becker, Maartje Dolfing, Dorilis Werleman, Pascalle Hamers, Emily Faro and Manou Becker have received sponsored materials from AHATA and Fundacion Aruba limpi and support to realize their ideals: a clean and environmentally friendly Aruba. Thanks to the efforts of the enthusiastic volunteers they could make the mondi’s look nearly waste-free in just three hours. A 20-yard container was completely filled with waste, especially bottles, cans, bags and styro-foam. But anything you can think of was found in our Mondi's.

After each clean up, two homemade signs are put in a spot that is appropriate for people to see that reads the text "Naturalesa pa tur disfruta, mantene limpi". (Nature for all to enjoy, keep it clean). This text is to motivate fellow islanders to clean Aruba's Mondi's. The entire group of volunteers were very satisfied with the result and were excited for the next project. Some local residents also participated. We would also like to see the residents come together to address anyone who litters. If they notice no apparent change than it is recommended to contact the Police or City Inspector.

The enthusiastic "Pop up- Clean up" mission is to create awareness amongst its inhabitants by  being more active in the cleaning of Aruba, promote self-responsibility and keep an open dialogue on the issues of waste between residents, businesses and the relevant government authorities. The cleaning actions in itself create a positive feeling amongst participants and promotes the motto "a better environment starts with yourself". 

For more information or if you want to participate in the initiative, visit our Facebook page "Pop up - Clean up".

Our next clean-up will take place on the 11th of September at 8:00 am until 11:00 am in the neighborhood of Shete, Santa Cruz. Taking a dip in the natural pool after the Clean Up will feel even more deserving! Don't forget to invite friends and family! This is the perfect opportunity to give back to the island and to meet people from all ages. All have a beautiful story to tell. 

About the blogger: Manou Becker
Manou Becker, born in Curaçao but living in Aruba, loves to be outdoors, taking a walk on the north coast side of the island or stroll through the Arikok national park. When she is not scrunching on local dishes you can find her in the water kitesurfing or dipping in the ocean. What she loves most of participating in the clean-up’s, is that she gets to meet new people and their stories.