Korteweg, Local art street Aruba
Korteweg: Aruban Pop Up Art Fair

Located on Korteweg, a short narrow street that runs perpendicular to the Main Street in the heart of Oranjestad, is a pop-up art fair that takes place on the last Friday of the month from 6 pm – 9 pm, on a bi- monthly basis.  Imagine a scene of funky bohemians with a dash of  island cool and you have Korteweg, the newest and coolest happening on island!  

Pop Up Art Gallery Korteweg 

A trending cultural phenomenon in cities like London, New York, and Chicago, these temporary art galleries such as Korteweg,  allow artists the ability to curate their works with minimal investment.  Much like many talented chefs in the U.S. are turning to food trucks in lieu of expensive investments in rents, mortgages, and associated costs of serving their food in brick and mortar establishments, these pop-up galleries allow artists the opportunity to showcase their work in an up-close and personal setting instead of waiting for an invitation to exhibit in a traditional gallery.

Local artists setting up their exhibition area

Korteweg is the perfect setting for local artists to sell their handmade arts and crafts to the public. These include creations with reclaimed wood and natural materials such as shells, rocks, driftwood, stones and coconuts, as well as other unique artistic treasures.

Signature cunucu houses as well as fashionable bags by Aruban artists 

The grassroots gallery has also attracted local musicians, deejays, and even a local forager who sells beverages and snacks with a foundation of fresh, local ingredients 

The street is bordered by landmark buildings dating back over 100 years, once family homes. Local musicians and special lighting complements the vibes of this upbeat Aruban ambiance

How it started

Aptly called “Korteweg” after the street it is held on, the initiative is a collaboration of local artists, with Cado De Lannoy at the helm.  The group gathered at Juni’s Place, a workshop of palate and reclaimed wood designer Juni Briezen, where pop-up gallery displays and furniture were made from reclaimed wood.  Cado chose the street Korteweg (which means short street or path in Dutch) as the spot for the pop-up gallery.  “I have always been attracted to this street—it just has a special vibe to it, and one day I am going to own one of these buildings here and make it my home, “ enthuses the artists, but for now it is home to a fascinating group of artists and craftspeople who set up shop here one Friday evening a month. 

Cado de Lannoy/CADOSBLA:Photography and reclaimed wood/pallet designer

The next Korteweg

The next Korteweg will take place this Friday on August 7th.To keep up with the artists and the next Korteweg pop-up art gallery event, you can follow them on their Facebook page ”Korteweg Art Gallery.” Engage with Aruba via social media at or @Aruba on Twitter.

This article is written by Tina Causey-Bislick 

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