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My Guide to Aruban Beaches

The beaches are one of the main reasons why people visit Aruba. For obvious reasons. They’re on holiday and they want to relax. They’re in search for the perfect strip of golden sand, where they can lean back, read a book and cool down with a drink. The only interruption accepted is a much needed dip in the Caribbean Sea whenever temperatures get too hot.

And in Aruba they’ll find it, because this Caribbean island is all about the beaches, and there’s a beach for everyone. They vary in size, shape and charm, and whether you’re a couple or a family of four, there’s a stretch of beautiful sand and crystal clear water waiting to meet your specific beach cravings.

On our second day in Aruba, Sofia and I rented a car. We were two girls on four wheels with one mission: To discover some of Aruba’s hidden treasures. And I think we did. They may not all be super secret locations, but some of them are far enough away from the resorts to be overlooked (though in reality that’s never very far, as Aruba is only a small island). This is my guide to six of Aruba’s smashing beaches: 

Baby Beach

Welcome to Baby Beach

My favorite! Located at the southern tip of the island, proximately 30 minutes drive from Oranjestad, this beach boats soothing sand and calm waters. In other words, a perfect spot for kids, or a water wuss like myself. If the sun gets too hot, you can seek refuge under one of the small huts scattered along the beach, and if the mouth gets thirsty, there’s a snack hut at your disposal.

Baby Beach is shaped as a half-moon.

We spent a small hour here, which was just enough for our Scandinavian butts too meet and greet the shallow and sheltered water – so nice – but not enough time to go snorkeling, which this beach is real good for. And the name! I mean, how cute is Baby Beach?!


One beach, two ladies, plenty of conversation!

Eagle Beach

Check out that sexy shape!

This beach is first and foremost known for the infamous pictures of the two Fofoti trees (also called Divi Divi trees). Whenever you do a Google search for ‘Aruba’, you’re bound to come across a picture of the pair of them with their windswept profile pointing towards the sea. Want to know the reason for this particular shape, and why they’re always pointing southwest? The trade winds are to the ones to blame. They constantly blow across the island from the northeast, ensuring cooling air and awesomely shaped trees.

Eagle Beach is stunning. The sand is so white, its beauty will blind you, and the water is clear, calm and beautiful. If waters sports is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. On Sundays you should pop over to watch Beach Tennis and join the locals on their day out with family and friends. This is also a nice place to watch the sunset, which is what we did one evening, followed by a lovely dinner at Passion Restaurant

It’s not difficult to see why Passion Restaurant is a romantic hot spot.

Palm Beach

Next door to Eagle Beach is Palm Beach. Equally as nice, and with a number of restaurants and bars lined up on the water’s edge. During the day there are plenty of water fun to keep you entertained; from jet ski, parasailing and paddle to kite boarding and windsurfing. 

When the sun sets, Aruba’s nightlife awakens, and it’s in the Eagle / Palm Beach area, close to many of the bigger hotel, most of the island fun takes place. As I mentioned in my previous article, the island has a South-American soul, and if you head to Señor Frog on a Sunday, you’ll find both locals and tourists unleashing their inner Latin :)

Also worth noting is that Boardwalk Hotel, our Aruban accommodation, is located only a few minutes walk from Palm Beach, so if you choose to stay here, you’ll never be far from sea, sand, sun and fun!

Boca Catalina Beach

Boca Catalina is small, charming and sort of secluded, in the sense that it’s very easy to overlook. Whoops, you’ve persist not knowing what you missed out on. It’s pretty, it’s where the locals like to hang, and it’s a great spot for snorkelling.

Peace out, I’m hitting the beach.

Reflexions Beach Bar & Restaurant

We were half way through our day of exploring; we were hungry and we were thirsty, so we decided to check out the first place we saw, which seemed to offer what we needed. So there we were, at Reflexions Beach Bar & Restaurant, right smack in Oranjestad.

This, we quickly realized, is where you come to chill, nurse a hangover and have a mojito. There’s a pool, there are comfortable couches and a couple of heavenly beach beds. They claim to be the best beach in Aruba, and I don’t know about that, but what I do know, is that I definitively wouldn’t mind to spend a day here; sipping cocktails and enjoying the sea views.

Renaissance Island a.k.a. Flamingo Beach

This is a private beach on a private island, which belongs to the Renaissance Hotel. Non-residences need to pay a ‘fee’ of $99 to spend the day there – the shuttle boat leaves from Marina Tower. The day pass apparently includes lunch and a drink, but do double check that.

I really liked Flamingo Beach, mostly because of the beautiful flamingos, but also because the beach is nice and the surroundings very pretty. Honeymooners, and other grown-ups looking for some down time, will be happy to hear the island is divided in two sections: One for adults and one for kids.

Buy a bucket of Balashi in the bar. Because, well, why not?

Thank you for checking in and for checking out some of Aruba’s beautiful beaches :)

xxx etta

This trip was sponsored by KLM and Boardwalk Hotel Aruba,
in collaboration with Aruba Tourism Authority.
I have however not been told what or how to write.
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