Rachel S

I was recently planning our family’s annual Thanksgiving beach trip and was thrilled to see that Hilton has opened a resort in Palm Beach, Aruba. Aruba has long been my family’s go-to beach spot, so this time we will be getting a fresh perspective on the island through our upcoming stay at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. I am so excited to review the property, and it has me dreaming of crystal blue water and soft coral sand. In anticipation of our trip, here are my family’s favorite Aruba Beaches.

Jane Vermaas

Aruba is most famous for its beautiful beaches and from early on the importance of keeping these beaches clean is ingrained in the mind of every young Aruban. So it’s no wonder why the annual Aruba Reef Care Project, taking place this Sunday the 20th of September, is one of Aruba’s largest volunteer initiatives. Hundreds of volunteers unite to clean up our beautiful beaches and underwater reefs. 

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