Debbie Kunder

We're here!  Aruba's inaugural Aloe Wellness Month has begun, and the multitude of offerings is astounding, from sunset yoga, meditation classes, and nature walks all the way to pole-dancing classes! But here's the thing—there are a few experiences, in my humble opinion that you simply can't miss. Read on to find out more about my 5 must-have Aloe Wellness Month experiences. Visit the Aloe Wellness Month page for a more information on all the activities offered.

Joyce Shulman

Like so many of us, I grew up on the Holiday Inn brand — not surprising since the first Holiday Inn opened its doors in 1952. It was the hotel of family road trips and visits to grandma. Reliable and clean but, well, I wouldn’t call them resorts. So when I received a call last summer inviting me to visit the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, I confess, I was a little skeptical. Holiday Inn? Resort? On a Caribbean beach? I had trouble picturing it, but I didn’t say anything, 'cause I’m polite like that. Perhaps the silence went on a bit long ...

Laura Cooper

The island boasts more sunny days than any other Caribbean isle, pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters that are beyond inviting, the vibrant capital city rich in culture, and some of the best beaches: Aruba truly has it made for a vacation destination that’s a one-stop shop for any and every kind of traveller. This article is by Laura Cooper, a travel blogger with,a Canadian travel agency specializing in all inclusive vacation packages, cruises, tours, and more. 

Jane Vermaas

With miles of some of the best beaches in the Caribbean it’s no wonder that Aruba has remained a favourite destination for those seeking out a tropical island retreat. Its exotic setting is perfect for days spent lounging in the sun, but let’s not forget about all the other incredible things you can do when visiting Aruba! Here are eight sights that are well-worth visiting Aruba for.

Jane Vermaas

For the lucky travelers who are visiting Aruba in the month of November (and escaping the cold back home) we have some great activities and events for you to enjoy. Whether you want to volunteer in a beach cleanup, attend a Save the Reef party or enjoy all the festivities around the annual Beach Tennis Aruba competition (great parties) the One Happy Island has got you covered!

Jane Vermaas

North of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is a little pearl in the Caribbean. Aruba is a diverse island, known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, stark desert views, and sharp volcanic rock formations. It has attractive locations for scuba diving and tons of flora and fauna along with ritzy resorts and many casinos. Thanks to Aruba’s mixed heritage you’ll find no end of food, dance and costume party going on pretty much all year round. Aruba’s beaches are probably one of the biggest attractions on the island, but there are so many activities you shouldn’t miss such as: Horse riding. Jeep tours, Jolly Pirate Sailing and so much more. To make it easy for you, we have put together our Top 10 Things To Do In Aruba.


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