Jane Vermaas

Even though Aruba is just a small island in the Caribbean Sea, it is also the birthplace to many international athletes.  Such as 24- year old curly haired Sarah- Quita Offringa, who holds the title for World Windsurfing Champion for a consecutive 8 years and who with her charming demeanor is one of Aruba’s national treasures.

On Thursday the 7th of January, Aruba will host the Caribbean premier of the biographic windsurf movie “ Cabeibusha, The Curly Gem”  in which we follow Sarah-Quita and her team of professional windsurfers throughout her travels to Australia, Iceland and also her ‘dushi tera’ Aruba, searching for the best waves whilst making friends along the way. The movie has already premiered in Germany and Maui in November where it sold out on both nights.  

In this intimate interview Sarah- Quita shares with us her fears, her dreams and her experiences during her life changing journey whilst making this film. 

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