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The Meaning of Happiness is – The Feeling of the Sun on Your Face

Imagine lying on a warm beach as the sun highlights your face and a cool breeze ruffles your hair. You’re probably feeling pretty happy. According to research, you’re among good company – more than half of people surveyed said they felt happy when the sun was on their face. So break out the suntan lotion and towel, and head to the beach to catch some rays and feel the joy.

The Meaning of Happiness is - Having Time to Yourself

In the “on the go” and “constant contact” world that we live in, it is easy to forget about yourself. When you’re bogged down with work, studies, or another person’s needs, stress comes naturally. However, when you set aside some time to relax or do something you enjoy, you can quickly boost your happiness level. Sometimes, a little quiet time is all you need to chase the blues away.

 The Meaning of Happiness Is – Laughing so Hard it Hurts

When was the last time you laughed so hard that you gave your abs a good workout? If you’re feeling unhappy, it is possible that laughter might literally be the best medicine for what ails you. Can’t find something funny enough to turn your chuckles into belly laughs? Spending time with a good friend will put laughter in the forecast. Watch a silly movie to double your chances of slap happiness.

The Meaning of Happiness is – Being Active Outdoors

If you’re feeling a little down, your first attempt to cheer yourself up might involve relaxing. However, recent surveys suggest that having some outdoor fun could produce positive results. A walk on the beach, water sports, or a game of sand volleyball can get your blood flowing and your mind focused on the positive.

The Meaning of Happiness is – Aruba

The feeling of the sun on your face, time for yourself, great laughs, and outdoor fun – all are found in the island paradise of Aruba. If you’re struggling to feel happy, make a conscious effort to head to Aruba and find joy - where you’ll locate the source of happiness within the lush environment and among your traveling companions.

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About the blogger: Jane Vermaas
Born and raised on the One happy island Aruba, her passions include everything Aruba has to offer. From the best snorkel spots to authentic cultural experiences, she will give you the inside scoop on where to beach bum and where to get the best local dish, where to go salsa dancing and the island’s best practices to happiness!