Top 10 Things to Do in Aruba
Top 10 Things to Do in Aruba

1Eagle Beach – Aruba’s most photographed beach and widest by far, framed by fofoti trees. Eagle Beach is not only a favorite with visitors and locals, but also of sea turtles. There are so many turtles there, it is just adorable. If you’re lucky, you may see leatherback, loggerhead, green or hawksbill hatchlings scrambling their way to the sea at sunset.

Eagle Beach, Aruba – by Göran Ingman – Göran Ingman:Flickr


Arikok National Park – Arikok National Park comprises almost 20 % of the island. Enjoy gorgeous vistas of Aruba’s rugged terrain, desert-like hills filled with tall cacti, a breathtaking coastline and protected local flora and fauna. The national park Arikok takes you on a memorable journey of the islands past offering unique geological, cultural and historical sites. These can all be enjoyed and explored either on your own or during guided tours. A wide variety of educational and informative programs and fun activities is available. If you’re interested in archaeology, you’ll enjoy a stop at the Fontein Cave, where you can view Arawak Indian pictographs on the cave walls. 

Arikok National Park – by $Mathe94$:Wikimedia


California Lighthouse – Aruba’s California Lighthouse takes the term sightseeing quite literally. Located near Arashi Beach on the northwest tip of the island and originally erected to warn ships away from the Caribbean coastline, this towering landmark offers you a rich piece of history and arguably the most inviting views of this fascinating island nation.Source: lovethiscity

California Lighthouse, Aruba – by simplethrill:Flickr


Alto Vista Chapel – Established more than 250 years ago by the Indians and the Spanish, Alto Vista Chapel is a small Catholic chapel that stands on the hills above the north shore and to the northeast of the town of Noord.

Alto Vista Chapel, Aruba – by Christina Leigh Morgan –


Jeep Tour –  If you are looking to explore Aruba’s north coast, countryside and seascapes, there’s no better way to see it all than from an open-air Jeep. Aruba’s no.1 Jeep tour company is ABC Tours. ABC Tours scores high with its professional, friendly guides and fun-filled excursions, Jeep tour will give you a new perspective about what Aruba is really like.

ABC Jeep Tour, Aruba – by abc-aruba.comABC Jeep Tour, Aruba – by abc-aruba.comABC Jeep Tour, Aruba – by abc-aruba.comABC Jeep Tour, Aruba – by

ABC Tour Aruba, by ABC Tours 

6Oranjestad – Oranjestad, Aruba’s charming capital is best explored on foot. It contains some excellent examples of colonial architecture of which the Dutch had no small part in building. Fort Zoutman (and the adjoining Willem III tower) is definitely one of Oranjestad’s highlights as it’s the oldest building of its kind in the whole of Aruba and now serves as a museum full of fascinating facts about the island’s history and heritage.

Oranjestad, Aruba – by Bgabel:Wikimedia


Horse riding – From sand dunes and stunning beaches to dusty, desert-like plains and rocky, rugged terrain, you can enjoy an unforgettable horse ride from one of Aruba’s ranches.

Horse riding, Aruba – by Katrina Koger /Flickr


Casibari Rock Formation – Aruba is dotted with massive diorite boulders that weigh several thousand tons and rise up as high as many rural buildings—you can explore the most impressive collections at Ayo and Casibari. The boulders, which leave scientists scratching their heads, offers the adventurous tourist a unique island hiking experience—at Casibari, climb to the top of the tallest boulder for a panoramic view of the island and a bird’s eye view of Mount Hooiberg, also known as the Haystack. Exploring the huge wind-carved boulders is a hiker’s delight—tunnels and narrow ledges make climbing the rocks exciting and fun for all ages. Source: naturalbornhikers

Casibari Rock Formation, Aruba – by Donna S – Donna62:Flickr


Palm Beach – Palm Beach is the main beach in front of several big-name resorts with white sand and calm waters. It is home to many water sports, piers, beach bars, restaurants and shops.

Palm Beach, Aruba – by photorolandi:Flickr


Balashi Gold Mill Ruins – Not many people know that Aruba had its very own version of the Gold Rush. While on the island of Aruba you may want to visit the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. It is located on the rugged northern coast of the island. The Bushiribana Ruins, built from natural stone, were once used by pirates as a hideaway. In 1824 gold was discovered on the island and later the Bushiribana smelter was built by the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company for gold that was mined nearby at Seroe Plat. In 1899 there was another gold smelter built by the Aruba Gold Concessions at the southern end of the island at Frenchman’s Pass named Balashi Gold Mill. Source: arubahotelsbeaches

Balashi Gold Mill Ruins, Aruba – by David D’Agostino – lokeswari:Flickr


  • Aruba is a constituent country of the Netherlands, along with Curacao and Sint Maarten. It has no administrative subdivisions.
  • Aruba is really small island, measures 32 km (20 miles) long from its northwestern to its southeastern end and 10 km (6 miles) across at its widest point.
  • The official languages spoken are Papiamento & Dutch though English and Spanish are also widely spoken and understood.
  • There are many festivals on Aruba, including National Day, New Years, Carnaval, Mari Gras, the birthdays of Betico Croes and Dia di San Juan, and increasingly Halloween.
  • Windsurfers should visit during the Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfing Competition, held annually on Aruba’s coast.
  • Sail with Jolly Pirates. Sailing aboard Jolly Pirate Aruba is one of the best activities in Aruba where you can enjoy a dinner cruise, view a picture perfect sunset and swim, snorkel and rope swing at the island’s most amazing snorkeling sites.
  • Favorite Museums:
  • Favorite Restaurants:
    • Screaming Eagle – Fine dining in a casual atmosphere, with tasteful and creative dishes.
    • Bavaria – Located in Palm Beach and specializes in German Food.
    • Tony Roma’s Aruba – Serves juicy steaks, signature seafood and the best ribs in Aruba.
    • Barefoot – Eat on the beach, while watching the sunset barefoot.  

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Eagle Beach, Aruba – by Göran Ingman – Göran Ingman:Flickr

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