Jennifer Richardson

We all know Aruba is beautiful, and a trip to Aruba is a guaranteed good time, but what makes Aruba the best Caribbean to visit?

Arguably, a good time can be had anywhere in the Caribbean, but there are several reasons why Aruba stands out from the crowd! To avoid writing an entire book on the charms of Aruba, this list will be kept concise. Here are 12 reasons why Aruba is the best destination for your next Caribbean vacation

Aruba Tourism Authority

Why do so many people consider Aruba to be the home of the best resorts in the Caribbean? Variety! The One Happy Island offers resorts for every travel style and budget.

Though we’re a small island, we truly offer a resort for everyone! And no matter what you’re looking for, whether you’re interested in staying at a boutique, luxurious beach-front resort or you prefer the ease of an all-inclusive deal, Aruba has plenty of options to ensure the perfect Caribbean vacation experience. Check out the many options Aruba has to offer, and book your dream vacation today: