Diantha Boekhouwer

Living here in paradise, my weekends are filled with lounging and relaxing on the beach, trying to recharge for the week. However, at the start of the year, I made a resolution to create more memorable experiences, and to create my own list of the most exciting things to do in Aruba!

Thinking about the many ways I can shake up this summer, I figured adrenaline equals unforgettable. And yes, this little paradise island is packed with thrill seeking activities! Check out my list of the top 10 most adrenaline-pumping experiences right here on the One Happy Island!  

Debbie Kunder

We're here!  Aruba's inaugural Aloe Wellness Month has begun, and the multitude of offerings is astounding, from sunset yoga, meditation classes, and nature walks all the way to pole-dancing classes! But here's the thing—there are a few experiences, in my humble opinion that you simply can't miss. Read on to find out more about my 5 must-have Aloe Wellness Month experiences. Visit the Aloe Wellness Month page for a more information on all the activities offered.

Debbie Kunder

Sure, I want healthy, radiant skin and hair.  I'm at least halfway there by using sun protection, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep (I'm talking like 9 hours of sleep!).  But when it comes to figuring out what I should be using topically on my hair and skin, it becomes a bit overwhelming.  There are so many agents and ingredients out there—which are the best?  So I asked Aruba Aloe's in-house skincare therapist and product specialist, Anna Posner, to share her top 10 ingredients for hair and skin wellness.  I'll be sure to carry this list with me as I engage in the various experiences that will be offered this June during Aloe Wellness Month Aruba!