Debbie Kunder

Aruba is not your typical lush Caribbean island. Sure, the impeccable landscaping in the hotel areas certainly has a tropical air to it, but as soon as you venture into the “real” Aruba, you’ll encounter dry desert terrain where the vegetation mostly consists of scraggly, wind-shaped trees (like the divi divi or the kwihi), prickly bushes (like the hubada), different varieties of cactai (including the impressive towering candlestick variety), and lots and lots of aloe.

Jane Vermaas

Many travelers visit Aruba in search of authentic Caribbean music and art. Known as a melting pot of over 96 distinct nationalities, Aruba has all kinds of different authentic cultural experiences to offer, and the best way to access them is by attending a music or art festival on the One Happy Island.

Here we have compiled a top 10 list of Aruba’s best Music, Culture and Art festivals for 2016:

Ulrich Hermans

Set just one foot on the soft white sand and you will see why so many people choose Aruba as their Caribbean vacation destination year after year. Check out my Top 10 Aruba Beaches, ranging from a calm to a more intense experience