Joyce Shulman

Like so many of us, I grew up on the Holiday Inn brand — not surprising since the first Holiday Inn opened its doors in 1952. It was the hotel of family road trips and visits to grandma. Reliable and clean but, well, I wouldn’t call them resorts. So when I received a call last summer inviting me to visit the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, I confess, I was a little skeptical. Holiday Inn? Resort? On a Caribbean beach? I had trouble picturing it, but I didn’t say anything, 'cause I’m polite like that. Perhaps the silence went on a bit long ...

Jane Vermaas

When our guests visit Aruba, many fall instantly in love with our people, culture and beaches; and express their appreciation for the island by giving back time and service to our community. 

Such as Ms Canada, aka Michelle Begin, who has been coming to Aruba for more than 38 years and has been organizing charity beach volleyball tournaments for 6 years. Sunday the 5th of March, she will be hosting the 6th edition of Ms Canada’s Beach Volleyball Tournament for Charity. In this interview Michelle shares with us her motivations and aspirations for her Aruba.  

Jane Vermaas

What makes Aruba the top spot for great family vacations? Find out about our family-friendly beaches, weather, activities and hotels here.Planning a great family vacation can be incredibly time consuming, but choosing Aruba, one of the top family vacation spots in the Caribbean, will actually make it much easier for you!

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