Jane Vermaas

Go On Vacation and Get Healthy

Who knew that vacationing in Aruba and sipping a cocktail while basking in the warm sunlight could be good for one’s health?  Well, it couldn't be truer.  Exposing your skin to the sunlight is closely tied to the production of vitamin D – a crucial vitamin that is used throughout the body.  

Jane Vermaas

North of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is a little pearl in the Caribbean. Aruba is a diverse island, known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, stark desert views, and sharp volcanic rock formations. It has attractive locations for scuba diving and tons of flora and fauna along with ritzy resorts and many casinos. Thanks to Aruba’s mixed heritage you’ll find no end of food, dance and costume party going on pretty much all year round. Aruba’s beaches are probably one of the biggest attractions on the island, but there are so many activities you shouldn’t miss such as: Horse riding. Jeep tours, Jolly Pirate Sailing and so much more. To make it easy for you, we have put together our Top 10 Things To Do In Aruba.