Courtney Chaffin

Courtney Chaffin considers herself a ‘yiu di tera’ or a child of the island of Aruba, as she has been visiting Aruba every year, since the day she was born. Over the years Courtney’s love for the island translated into life-long friendships with islanders and some she considers extended family. Like the staff of Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba, where she has been staying for 24 consecutive years and learned to walk, talk AND kite surf there. In this blog she shares her favorites on the island: the best beaches, the nicest surf and the coolest bar tenders. You’ll soon know why she calls Aruba her second home.

Jane Vermaas

Locals and guests agree; Aruba is definitely one of the happiest places on earth. The island’s natural elements such as the refreshing trade winds, constant sunshine and soft white-sand beaches surely take away any form of melancholy and can even cure depression. (Seriously booking a ticket to Aruba will actually result to be a cheaper cure than expensive medication, but this statement is in no way an actual fact, check with your doctor if you can come to Aruba on doctor’s orders :) 

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