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Thread: 1st timer, leaving Friday!! ?'s about booking activities

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    1st timer, leaving Friday!! ?'s about booking activities

    Husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary and can't wait to get to Aruba. I've been researching on-line several companies that do some activities (mainly snorkeling, party cruises & horseback riding) that we want to do. Many will give you discounts if you book on-line now, or book more than one tour through them. Is this the cheapest way to do it, or do you think our hotel (Hyatt) could get us better deals? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    First of all - have a wonderful time. The weather is great here and the breezes are wonderful.

    I can't help you much on costs of activities but I would recommend that you look at the posts on the different boards and what kind of feedback they have gotten. I would recommend Rancho Notorious for horseback riding - bring Jeans and a good hat for horseback riding where ever you go. I always cringe when I see someone in shorts!!
    That horseback ride takes you up the Malmok beach which is a real beautiful spot.

    Have fun!!!


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    If you can book online before departing and receive a discount, go for it. We did this when we booked Jolly Pirates and it worked out really well. Right now they are offering a 12% discount for booking online.

    The Hyatt concierge will more than likely offer tours through De Palm (by far the largest operator on the island) and/or Pelican Tours. I highly doubt you would receive a further discount booking through them since there is more than likely a commission involved.

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