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Thread: Activity Suggestions for Parent's Anniv. trip

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    Activity Suggestions for Parent's Anniv. trip

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Aruba 4 years ago, we loved it so much we purchased a timeshare resale at lacabanna for a great price. It was one of my favorite vacations and we had an amazing time. We both love beaches and site seeing, so we didn't spend too much time off of the resort-plus the whole honeymoon thing . We are heading back this week (checking in on the 9th) but we also booked my parents for 10 days for their 25th anniversary at the same resort (different room). I am trying to book a few activities for my parents, but being that I was only 22 my last time in Aruba and didn't leave the resort much I'm not sure what the best activities for the 50ish crowd is.

    My parents didn't really have much when they got married and they never really had a honeymoon, and this is the first non-family vacation that I remember them ever taking so I want to make it as special as I can for them. I figured in 10 days, 3 big activities would be a good pace/balance for them, what do you think?

    My dad is a bit claustrophobic so I though the DePalm submarine would be too much, but maybe the boat with the lower deck would be a good thing to do? My Mom probably wouldn't enjoy scuba or snooba, so I figured this was the best way to see the deep.

    I loved my ATV tour the natural pool with my wife on our honeymoon, and luckily our concierge didn't rope us into one of the more expensive places and we got a great deal ($50). For those in their early 50's what is your favorite way to go to the natural pool?

    For a final activity I was thinking some kind of sunset cruise or dinner on the beach. My parents don't drink so the sunset cocktail cruises are pointless for them. Any recommendations for a romantic dinner on the beach or cruise of some sort? I am also going to post for recommendations for restaurants on the things to eat section. Thanks for your ideas!

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    Need ideas of some fun things to do...

    check out the above link

    in defense of the Atlantis Submarine is not claustrophobic at all.
    my husband and son have done it numerous times over the years.

    just because your parents do not drink alcohol is no reason for them not to go on a sunset sail. there are other reasons to do the sail! beauty, fun, new people, ..... open bar is not the main reason most people do the sail.

    you may also want to search MADI TOURS for trips to the natural pool for your parents.

    also too, you have posted the beach sunset dining question in the culinary category.
    i encourage people to answer that question in that particular thread and leave this one for activity replies.

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    My ideas....
    Sunset sail on Palm Pleasure
    Private hibachi table at Blossoms
    Dinner at Barefoot.... Outstanding
    Dinner at Pinchos.... Outstanding
    Private tour of island with Bully
    License plates from scotts brats
    Massages on Renn island
    Snorkle/ scooter with Kent
    Call/email newspapers to get article in ArubaToday
    Enjoy cindy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post

    just because your parents do not drink alcohol is no reason for them not to go on a sunset sail. there are other reasons to do the sail!
    I fully agree, Andrea. CindyO and I are celebrating our 25th next year and a sunset cruise sounds great. Though we do drink, I personally wouldn't need to to enjoy the sunset's a sunset cruise, not a booze cruise.

    I would stay away from the daytime snorkle/booze cruises.

    For a quieter sailing experience, consider the Black Pearl, try link below
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    Thank you for the great replies so far. It's good to hear the sunset cruises are nice. The one I did while there was mostly a booze cruise-which was probably recommended because of our age and such. It was fun, but not my parents style. The sunset cruise by depalm looks like a great option! Black Pearl looks very interesting as well. I wish I would have known about that when I was there for my honeymoon.

    The license plate would also be a really cute gift. A newspaper article is a great idea. I'm a journalist and should have thought of that one, but I didn't! Love the ideas so far, thank you everyone!

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    Dinner Sail

    A few years ago we did the Red Sail sunset dinner cruise off Palm Beach by the Hyatt. Great time, great food, great crew.
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