Forgotten wreck-diving Island’
25 Mei, 2010, 08:12 (GMT -04:00)

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ORANJESTAD — In their most recent edition, the English Diver Magazine has published a five-page reportage on Aruba as wreck-diving destination. The caption of the reportage is ‘Aruba’s Hot Wrecks’.

Diving locations, such as the sabotaged supply ship Antilla, the torpedoed tanker Padernales and the sunken Corvair CV-240 aircraft passed in review. The reportage is accompanied with brilliant pictures of the various diving locations.
In the preface of the article, author John Liddard states that Aruba is the ‘forgotten’ island of the ABC-Islands – at least with regard to English divers. “Curaçao and Bonaire are larger and Bonaire particularly qualifies as a good diving location. However, Aruba has more diving wrecks. From sunken steam ships to brought down warships and more recent artificial wrecks, by its own account, Aruba states it has the largest number of wreck diving locations in southern Caribbean”, Liddard writes. The author gave a short description of each visited wreck along with its history. He also mentioned some twenty popular diving locations with their respective depth.
Tourism bureau ATA, who had accompanied the journalist during his trip to our island, also had visited several restaurants with Liddard to become acquainted with the island as culinary destination. According to ATA, the English diving magazine has a readership of approx. 40,000 persons. “Now that’s what I’d call good advertisement for our island”, says ATA.