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Thread: Amy Info Please on the private boat Moringstar??

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    Amy Info Please on the private boat Moringstar??

    Hi Amy- Hope your doing well. Congrats on your recent booking for Sept. We just booked our airline tickets (Jet Blue) for July, from Boston $1,240!!! Yikes!!! Sooo excited 9th trip staying at the ABC.
    Anyway a while back you posted about your trip on the Morningstar (I hope its the name, you and others raved about it, I realize it can be expensive, but we are celebrating our 12th anniversary!!! Could I please have a little info, price , is there a set time, & how far out in advance do I need to make reservations??? If I remember correctly it can be private or with another couple??? I think you had posted a website also.
    Thanks very much for the help & Let the countdown begin!!!!! Kathy

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    Hi Kathy -

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    Here is their website:

    We did the The Oyster - Romantic Dinner Sail for our 10th wedding anniversary and LOVED it! The prices are listed on their website and includes pre-dinner appetizer, drinks, and dinner (champagne is additional).

    To save a few bucks, we bought the Visit Aruba Card which is well worth it for this trip because you save 10% and get a free bottle of champagne. Here's the link:

    I seem to remember that we boarded around 5:30pm, sailed around and watched the sunset while having drinks and a few pre-dinner snacks (they even let my hubby "drive" for awhile.) Then when the sun went down the seating area was changed into seats with a beautifully decorated table (complete with flowers, candles, and seashells.) Prior to the cruise, they will give you dinner options and go over the menu with you so they know what you like - and the same with drinks so they have the right drinks stocked for you.

    Definitely book in advance (maybe at least a month or two out) and email them with any questions. They are sooo nice and want you to have a great time. (We also tipped them at the end of the night, too.)

    Couple of photos from dinner:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Amy Info Please on the private boat Moringstar??-11.jpg   Amy Info Please on the private boat Moringstar??-12.jpg  
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    surprise trip

    Hi Amy, thanks for the info, it was so nice of you to take the time. We will definitetly be booking this trip, looks so romantic!!! This is a surprise , but if they ever let my Jim drive the boat the big surprise will be on them, Alaska anyone!!!LOL
    have a great day Kathy

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