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Thread: Arikok National Park

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach

    Arikok National Park

    I have spent a little time today on the website for the National Park.

    This might already be well known , but there is so much good information on the site, including a map and lots of descriptions. If you go on your own without a tour, this site is definitely worth a look

    Does anybody have any places or memories of the park adventures they want to share?
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    My wife and I recently had a pretty good lunch at Boca Prins Bar and Restaurant which is located within the park. My wife had a whole grilled fish and I had a chicken caesar salad. The beer is ice cold. If you tell the guard at the entrance that you are going to this restaurant, there is no charge to enter the park.

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    We had a wonderful time one afternoon just driving through the park, taking in all it has to offer. We stopped at a cave and at Boca Prins bar for nice cold drinks. Great day of exploring with my kids & hubby
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    The museum or welcome center was interesting.
    On another note they have a bathroom ...... Teheeee

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    I remember the first time we went thru the Arikok (on the paved road section with our friend Ommi Henriquez).

    He insisted on giving us the tour.
    I whined and moaned to Paul that I did not want to waste perfectly good beach time on schlepping thru the park.
    I was not a happy camper as we got into Ommi's Land Rover.

    Well, it turned out to be one of the most memorable times in Aruba.
    Ommi gave us the tour and we had a ball.
    We saw beautiful sites and I was ashamed that I went into it with such a bad attitude.
    We stopped at Boca Prins for a cold beverage and then on the way out stopped at the Uritaka Center for good
    burgers and pizza and cold beverages.

    Arikok is a great place to visit!

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