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Thread: Atv/scooters/motorcycle

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    Has anyone rented a scooter/ATV/motorcycle for a day in Aruba? From such places as George Cycle Center, Nelson Motorcycle Rental, Big Twin Aruba?

    Or should we just do a place like Kini kini or any other place someone can recommend. We dont want to be rushed but are hoping to venture out and do something different.
    My boyfriend has a scooter back home that we travel around on in the city, when we are to lazy to pay for parking/drive.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    My opinion and mine only. Take the time to read April 16 2010 - Sad Day in Aruba

    We have taken an ATV tour and enjoyed it immensely, but I would be very leery of heading out on my own, assuming this is your first trip to the island, on unfamiliar roads.

    I have to add,
    I do not recommend scooters at all. Between the condition of the roads (think bad pot holes) and your safety amongst the drivers (of the cars), and various animals, your life is more important.

    For a first time visitor, stick with an organized tour. At least this way you get the history of the island and will know what you are seeing. If you are not into being with a group, tours can be booked privately. A guided jeep tour will give you all the highlights there are to see on the island.

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