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    ATV Tours

    Can anyone recommend a good ATV tour on the island?
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    It has been quite a few years since we took an ATV tour in Aruba so I hope I have the name correct. I believe it was something like Rancho Notorios (something like that, not sure of the 2nd half of the name) sorry! Anyway, it was a place were they also had horseback riding. A shuttle picked up us at our hotel and it was a lot of fun. We did the morning tour as the afternoon sun would have been too hot. If this place is still around I would recommend it as the tour was fun and the staff were very nice, took us to a bunch of the landmarks and had breaks and we also were able to drive on the beach and go as fast as we wanted there. Hopefully someone can confirm the correct spelling of the name for you and confirm if they are stlil operating.

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    kini kini gets very good reviews.

    QUOTE=dq1974;246014]Can anyone recommend a good ATV tour on the island?[/QUOTE]

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    Not exactly an ATV, But I went with Aruba Sunrise Tours yesterday, they use Rhino's ( golf Cart on major steroids). They do an awesome job, you do leave at 6am for the sunrise but you get to the natural pool before anybody else is there. We had the pool to ourselves!!

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    We have had one of the best tours of the island with Kini Kini ATV Tours. AND they just got in new ATV's.

    My review ATV tours?
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