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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.


    I had to view the webcam today from Bucuti Resort. The beach looks so gorgeous today I wish I was there! I read that Manchebo Beach is the largest beach in Aruba but I've never been there. Can I rent beach chairs there and use a hut or would I have to just lay the towel open sun?

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    we are next door at Costa Linda and think if you stay there you get towels and you can sit at a hut.i know the beach is public but not the huts.I don't think they rent there either.
    From Marblehead ma.Every Jan stay at Costa Linda.For last 20 years.

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    i do not think they rent chairs/huts.
    however as marblehead paul says, the beach is public.

    imo, it is just as nice at lacabana, except more people at lacabana.

    i am not wild about walking great distances in the sand to the water.

    at bucuti/manchebo, often it is quite a hike.
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    Hi again, Ace. I see that you're thinking a lot about Manchebo these days. It is an amazing beach. We love the wide beach and the quietness. The palapas are nicely spread out, so that you don't feel like people are on top of you. They don't rent chairs, and are very diligent about keeping people who aren't resort guests out of them. I have seen people who weren't staying there use the palapas. As long as you bring your own chair or sit on your towel, you might be able to get away with that. You could give it a try when you come over for happy hour . There are often some palapas near the back that stay open.

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