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Thread: Best "see/do it all" tour of the island

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    Best "see/do it all" tour of the island

    I have been down to Aruba many times but I have basically seen the airport and our Hotel (Marriott Surf club) with the exception of my one time run to the supermarket for our weekly supplies.

    I would like to do a tour to see the scenery/landmarks/natural pools/"baby bridge" etc.

    Where do I look to book this for me and my parents have offered to watch our 3 yr old and 1 year old -(YAY!) So I look forward to our little mini-vacation within our family vacation...HAHAHA!

    Thanks for any advice/tips!

    We leave Dec 11th!!!!!!

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    go to the "getting around aruba" thread and check out different tours.

    BULLY (username TAXIDRIVER) and CYRIL CROES both members here offer tours.
    contact them by private message.
    Cyrilo also has a website

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    ATV tour!

    I totally recommend taking an ATV tour since you'd be able to see a lot of Aruba in a reasonable amount of time, all while driving an ATV...super cool!

    My favorite is Green Zebra Adventures (I'm still new so I can't give you a link yet, but Google "Go Green Zebra" to get to their site) because their tour takes you through Baby Beach and along the north cost, which means that you get to see super spectacular views! Their tour guides are really helpful too.

    I hope that helps! Have fun out there!

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    We used abc jeep tours- a lot of those bus tours do not go to the natural pool and places like that.

    for me--doing it myself is scarey.

    and the jeep tour was a blast--dirty but fun

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    Eagle Beach, exploring the "Outback", Madi's tour to the Natural Pool , dinner at Papiamento's
    The absolute highlight of our last trip was a tour with Madi -- you can call her at 746-1397 or 749-9414 or email her at (you may not get an email response and might have to wait to call her when you get there -- she works alone and doesn't always get to her email!) There's quite a bit of information on the Forum from people who have also gone with her. Just use the Search option at the left and type in "Madi". She's a gem and will show you places you wouldn't otherwise see.
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