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Thread: Bike and Jeep Rental Questions

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    Bike and Jeep Rental Questions

    Does anyone know if you can rent bikes there with a child seat on the back? I've emailed 2 bike rental places and am waiting to hear back.

    Any recommendations for where to rent a Jeep from (for a day or 2)?

    Are there places where you can go off-roading on your own? I read that you need a 4x4 to get to the natural pool at Arikok National Park. Not sure where else one can go.

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    EEk I dare not think about you riding around town on those busy, dusty roads with a small child on board. There are not alot of sidewalks to ride on. We love to bike and do not bike in Aruba. We feel it is a little too dangerous. The same goes for scooters. We have a Harley and would not rent a scooter in Aruba either. Some might disagree here but that is our opinion. We had Madi take us for our jeep tour for the wild side. Thats kinda crazy here too-driving a jeep to the natural pool. We have a rental the rest of the week which will go almost anywhere but the natural pool and such. Hate to be a Debbie Downer!
    Good Luck.
    Sean and Susan

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