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Thread: booking excursions ahead of time?

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    booking excursions ahead of time?

    hi all! my soon-to-be husband and i will be taking our first trip to aruba in 5 short weeks for our honeymoon. we're very excited!! just wondering if it is necessary to book any excursions ahead of time before we get there (jeep tours, snorkeling trips, party bus, etc) or if we can wait and book things day by day as we decide to do them. also, what are the top excursions/activities you would recmmend for first-timers? thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by julybride2be View Post
    hi all! what are the top excursions/activities you would recmmend for first-timers? thanks!
    A sail of some sort ie: Jolly Pirates, palm pleasure for snorkel sail or sunset cruises. Also, others love the tranquilo private sail.
    Other idea's: Depalm 1/2 excursion around the island that see sites such as California light house, natural bridge, aloe plant, butterfly farm..etc. Some can easily be seen if you rent a car or jeep.

    Restaurants that are musts are: Old man and the sea, Madame Jeannettes, passions, chalet suisse,..others will chime in also..

    Best wishes on your honeymoon. You will love aruba, cindy

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    If you want to go on the Jolly Pirates (snorkeling) definately book ahead. My friends and I almost didn't get on the boat because it's really popular. Plus, if you book ahead you get 15% off (go to their website to book)

    Another thing you might like if you like to snorkel is DePalm Island. An artificial island with snorkeling, restaurant, and many other things.

    Baby Beach is a great place to go and relax too. The water is very clear and you can wade out about 50 yards and still have it be up to your waist. There is also some pretty good snorkeling there to.

    One beach to stay away from if you like to be in the water is Moomba Beach. It is really muddy on the bottom, but if you like to just read on the beach then it is a great place to go!

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your honeymoon! And like cindyo said you will love Aruba! And don't forget to post your story on "My Aruba Story"

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    Booking ahead of time

    You will thank yourself a thousand times for booking ahead. nothing worse than starting out you vacation with nothing to do (yes, I know, sometimes that's what vacations are supposed to be about). Anyway, you'll save time by preparing an itinerary of possible entertainment activities and booking any that you know you;ll regret missing

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