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Thread: Bowling In Aruba?

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    Cool Bowling In Aruba?

    Hello everybody,

    I signed up today and am new to this forum.
    Hope everyone is doing well wherever you are in the world.

    I am very excited to go to Aruba in the future, but i have some questions in mind for some research that i am doing about the island....

    Do Arubans like to play bowling?
    What other activities, except for watersports, do arubans like to do?
    Do tourists that go to Aruba go bowling..or would they prefer to do other activities?
    Is Aruba a family orientated holiday destination?
    Or is it more for couples, or for older people...or younger people?

    Thank you for your time...
    All the best!


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    I really can't answer your question on how popular Bowling is. But there is a bowling alley near the traffic circle behing La Cabana on the way to town from the high rise area.
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Definitely a family destination.

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    Thank you for the above info..

    What sort of entertainment would you like to see for the island Aruba?
    Is there any entertainment which is lacking in Aruba?

    Your feedback is much appreciated!!

    Thanks again


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