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Thread: Bully or Cerry for Private Tour

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    Can someone give me an estimate on a 3 or 4 hour tour with Bully or Cerry? I've driven a lot of the island and I'd like to find the places that I haven't seen yet.

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    Cerry is Awesome. We did a tour with him yesterday. He was very personable and gave us the history of the Island. I would highly recommend Cerry!

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    welcome to the forum twins3.
    glad you had a good experience with cerry.
    most of cerry's reviews come from folks, who register, post their accolades and then never come back to participate again.
    PLEASE, take some time, scope out the forum and join us.
    we'd like to hear your aruba story, your dining experiences etc....
    thanks and WELCOME.

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    Post Hurry! Hurry! We Highly Recommend Cerry

    While I heard many good things about Cerry and Bully. Bully was unavailable this past weekend my wife and I visited Aruba so the decision was easy, Cerry all the way. On our first full day in Aruba, Cerry picked us up from the Westin promply with a very heathly and happy smile. Our tour was for four hours and Cerry was never without information regarding the place we were visiting, island history, food, the people etc,... Way, way cool. He is very proud (in an enthusiastic way) and very excitable about Aruba and what it has to offer for anyone visiting. I highly recommend a tour with Cerry.

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