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Thread: Can I surf in Aruba??-

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    Can I surf in Aruba??-

    I think the answer is no, but I want to go regular ( with a surfboard)-- not kite surfing or wind surfing...

    Anybody have any info-- even for lessons for my kids?

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    On few occations, the waves are big enough at Arishi (by the lighthouse).

    Many locals go to Dos Playa. Be careful as it can be dangerous there.
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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.

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    There is quite a lot of local surfers on the Island.
    Try contacting BULA, which is a surf shop (regular surf and skimsurf).
    If the surfers don't already work there, they at least hang out there .
    It is great guys owning and running the shop, and they will be able to guide you the best.


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