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Thread: Casino's at queen beatrix airport

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    My wife and I had heard of these prior to our trip a few weeks ago. They are very tempting to go into-especially when you enjoy playing slots. I thought I read on one of the signs that the proceeds from those machines go to some sort of education fund for the kids or something along those lines. The two rooms were definately not full at all but do provide that little bit of anticipation of leaving paradise with full pockets. I believe they are of the paper payout as well. If your there and are going to play them I wish you GOOD LUCK....I will be playing them for sure next time!

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    Aruba Slots at Queen Beatrix Airport

    If there are paper payoffs, is there anyone in the slot rooms to cash in the winning tickets? Sure would not be fun if you were unable to cash in the paper payoff before your departure. Does anyone know? Now, we only saw one slot room just before you enter the luggage room and one slot room by Gate 4, the gate we departed from. Are there anyone other slot rooms besides those two? If yes, what are the locations?
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    i seriously doubt the machines are coin based - increased cost and malfunction. they probably have a centralized location where you can cash out the tickets or a cash out machine?

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    awwww great. I am sure DH will just love this news. Just like Las vegas...slots everywhere

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