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Thread: Catameran with 18 month old

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    Catameran with 18 month old

    Thanks arubalisa. we are binging my 18 month old daughter. Which catameran type experience do you reccomend that we can do with her. its a total of 4 adults and the princess. I saw the jolly pirate but i dont thonk that will be a good experience for her

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    Matthew, I moved this over here to Activities. This is one where I am not much help.

    One thing that does come to mind though is a boat ride to the waterpark on De Palm Island.

    The little one can play in the water and the adults can snorkel.

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    I'm not sure any of the "open bar" trips would be a good idea.

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    sunset cruise

    We did a couple of sunset cruises with Red Sail Sports and would have felt comfortable taking a toddler, just keep her on the main deck.

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