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Thread: Charter Boat Fishing

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    Charter Boat Fishing

    My wife and I will be in Aruba April 29th - May 6th. We have never done a charter boat before. Matter of fact, I haven't been fishing at all in years. We both want to go out. My wife just wants to go on a boat ride. I'm not a big fisherman, but I see those guys on TV hauling in those big fish and it looks like fun. Could you recommend a charter boat. Should we do a half day or full day? Should we try to find someone to split it with? I'm a rookie here. So, any advise will be helpful. I want a big fish to bring home and put on my wall.

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    Not sure how many other fishing charters have the same policy, but this would not work into your plans for your wall.

    "We will not permit the killing of billfish and will release them. Only when the Captain considers it to be a new record, will he then proceed in making a decision after consulting the mate, and only then will they bring it in. Fishing generally covers the East/South and West parts of the coastline, but when conditions permit we also head to the North section of the island. To the South we take the pleasure of moving out between 1/2 to 14 miles." a bit of info on deep sea fishing

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    You can get a fiberglass replica made for anything you catch, they actually last longer, and look better than a skin mount as the oils won't come out over time.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Fish mounted on people's walls are almost always replicas of the fish they caught. Most boats will pull the fish in close, take some measurements and sometimes a picture, and then the fish will be released. The technology has even improved to the level where the hooks dissolve over time.

    See you in Aruba!!!
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    This guy can land you a nice fish.

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    go see plans richardson, owner of the moonray, first slip on the right behind don carlos restaurant, been fishing all his life down there and we have always had good luck. nice six foot wahoo last trip. tell him john ,tammi and sicky, who is my daughter that got sick on the boat said hi

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