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Thread: Cliff Diving Competitions?

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    Cliff Diving Competitions?

    I took this picture while in Aruba (, and entering it in contest.

    I was wondering if Aruba hosts any sort of cliff diving competitions or how this ranks as a sport in the country.

    Any information (ASAP) would be greatly appriciated!!!

    Feel free to contact via personal message.

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    Patrick...beautiful picture...wonder though if he and his girlfriend are really Aruban since they learn English in school and most of the young folks I have met all speak it. I have been going for over 10 years and would be surprised if they didn't speak English....maybe they just prefer not to, but who knows ????
    But to answer your question....I do not know of any diving competitions. That is not to say however that the schools or communities don't compete with each other....

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    GREAT pic!
    Good luck with the contest.

    And if I may I will show your pic right here...
    (Just let me know if you prefer not)

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