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Thread: contacting jolly pirates or depalm

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    contacting jolly pirates or depalm

    Can anyone give me any information to contact jolly pirates or de palm? We are heading down in 3 weeks and want to make snorkeling reservations. thanks

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    if you are looking for a "different" low key calm and beautiful snorkel, i suggest Tranquillo.

    very different and quieter than what jolly or depalm offer.
    not necessarily better.....just different. they do drift snorkels away from the hustle and bustle of the area where the JP and Depalm go.
    no matter which company you choose, be assured all are reputable and good.

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    I second Tranquillo. A very vey nice day of snorkeling some areas that nobody else will go to. Captain Anthony is great, and first mate Gregory kept me and my wife thoroughly entertained. The Pea soup and Rum punch made my day.

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