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Thread: couple of questions.

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    couple of questions.

    I am going to aruba for the second time and I leave next week,
    and i have a couple of questions.
    I am staying in the riu, so whats the best place to buy snorkeling equipment?
    If I go snorkeling to a beach which would u recommend, Baby beach,boca catalina,arachi,... Whats the price for a cab to baby beach?
    I already booked the tranquillo and i am trying to book madi, she responded, but still waiting for her to confirm.
    I am 26 and my girlfriend 23, we don't like big booze tours, but we want to do more things, what would u recommend?

    I am sorry if I made mistakes, English isn't my native language.

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    click link for aqua windies
    this place has all sorts of snorkel and scuba equip.
    they also have lessons/snorkel and scuba.
    they will have equipment for you to buy!

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    read this thread (click link)
    and there is talk of baby beach, boca catalina and catalina cove.

    caution............DO NOT schedule too many activities!!
    1. you will be exhausted
    2. save some things for when you return......and you WILL return.
    3. save some time for the beach and doing a lot of NOTHING.

    your English is fine. good job.

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