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Thread: Deep Sea Fishing

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    Deep Sea Fishing

    Hello ; We been to Aruba 6 times now and everytime we want to do Deep Sea Fishing. didn't get to do it. So I hope this time we will get to go.
    We are staying at Westin Hotel on Dec 12 till 19,12 If you like to share 1/2 the cost of renting an boat and go for deep sea fishing "Please" respond!
    We are a couple in our early 40's :0) would love to have FUN!
    Hope to see you soon in an Beautifiul Island of Aruba.
    Nancy & Scott Epstein

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    Question Marlin?

    Whatcha lookin for, Marlin?

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    Keep trying. We fished off the north end of the island and caught 2 tuna and 8 wahoo last friday. It was very rough but worth the fun we had. Our friend has a boat but does not take people out. Go th the Ren Marina everyday and ask around. Good luck.
    Sean ans Susan

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    Go see George, he's near the Marriott on the beach, local guy, know's his stuff, tell him the guys from Jersey said hi. He uses a local guy, Tuy, boat on the pier, great guy and good fisherman, lotsa fun. We fished with him in November.

    Good Luck

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