Most of the sites that I've seen for deep-sea fishing seem to have a limit of 4-6 people maximum. Since we want our entire group to participate (7-10 people), this won't work for us. Not everyone needs to be able to fish the entire time, but I'd like to have everyone on the boat. If there is a charter that has 4 people fishing at once, with space for the others to hang out, that would meet our needs.

We have briefly looked into bottom fishing, which seem to accommodate more people at a time, but my fiance would prefer deep sea if possible as he has previously done both and this is what he prefers.

Does anyone know of any options for us? Anyone able to put us in contact with someone who may be able to do this? I have found that the information on the internet seems somewhat limited.

We are willing to charter an entire boat if it will take us deep-sea fishing.

We'd like to schedule this for any day between Saturday, March 22nd to Monday the 24th. We think a half-day charter would be best if we can.

Any help is appreciated!!!