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Thread: DePalm Island

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    DePalm Island

    Hi all,

    As anyone been to DePalm island? I was debating on booking the All Day Jeep Tour that spends a couple hours snorkling there. But now I may rent a jeep or wait till I get to the island to make reservations (so many decsions, but everyoene on this site has been so great)

    If I do not do a tour that goes to DePalm, is it worth going there on our own to snorkle? Is it expensive to do it without a tour? I cant find the info I need on any site

    Thank you!

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    Check out all the threads here about De Palm and the jeep tours. There are plenty giving good advice that would only be redundant here.

    Side note: Having your own vehicle gives plenty of freedom in Aruba and if you like to go off by yourself and do your own things I highly recommend it.
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    My suggestion

    I did the four hour at DEpalm Island with my two teenage boys and we were tired after about two hours. I was glad we did not elect the all day.

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    Goggle Depalm tours...they are a quality place. I haven't been to their actual island, but there is suppost to be a lot to do there; snorkel, water park, kyak, eat, sand slide....You can book on line or do it when you get there.
    One thing to think about, and if you don't mind it, is it gets real dusty on those jeep tours. Don't know if you mind that or not.
    Anyway, enjoy all that you do and don't aruba

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    best thing about the all day De Palm island is the AI bar.

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