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Thread: desalinization plant

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    desalinization plant

    hey there, does anyone have the contact info for the desalinization plant tour i want to take my teens there for the tour and know that it is limited Our phone plans in BC canada are huge in price so we dont want to use our cell once dwon there,hoping to call from home instead

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    here is their contact link

    if you have skype the call is practically free

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    We did the tour a few years ago. If the "rules" are still the same, they take a limited number of people on Thursdays at 9am so make sure you call ahead to reserve a spot. The tour is free. You will need to wear long pants (no shorts), closed toe shoes (no sandals but sneakers are fine) and any sort of shirt with short sleeves (no tank tops.) They will provide the hard hat (see photo below.)

    We thought it was a pretty interesting tour.
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