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Thread: Dive operators

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    Dive operators

    I have about 25 dives logged in Aruba, all with Red Sail. As much as I like the people there, I have hit all of the sites that they do regularly and would like to try someone different for most of my diving on this trip. I will still probably dive with them once or twice if I can hit the sites I want.

    I have searched and the best topic I found had not had a response in nearly two years. So my questions are:
    1. Who is a reputable dive operator?
    2. That offers dives not offered by Red Sail?
    3. At good prices?

    I have my OW and AOW and will probably do my Nitrox course before leaving. I have my own gear, though I will have to pick up some new toys if I wanted to do nitrox.

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    Chadd, for what you are looking for I would suggest JADS They are next to Baby beach. I understand they do a lot of dives at that end of the island, including shore dives. Consistantly excellent reviews, they must be doing something right. I had been looking forward to trying them myself, but just had my diving put to an end for medical reasons.

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    JADS....JADS....JADS,,, the best dive company in aruba. Have also been out with redsail the last few years, not anymore, now that we have discover Jads (october2009) we won't go anywhere else !!!! and they will pick you up at your hotel.

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