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Thread: Divers, what about this wreck?

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    Divers, what about this wreck?

    I was talking with some fellow former mariners and a guy brought up the sinking of the small cargo vessel, TIDEWAY, which sank at these coordinates: off Aruba in position 1315'N and 07022'W. This would be North of the island. I was wondering if any divers have heard of this and dove upon it. The approximate date of sinking is May 2006.
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    Hello and we have not formally met, but I am Ken. You have contributed a bunch to the Forum, Thanks.

    I have not heard of this, but I do know that the operators of the dive shops were going to start looking at sinking other ships. They wanted to make Aruba the sunken ship wreck Caribbean capital. I think it will be great.

    Even though the last hurricanes technically have not hit the island, they have stirred up things, such as the little island out in front of Baby's Beach and the ship sitting there just north of the Marriott.

    If I hear on anything I will let you know!!!



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