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Thread: Diving accident

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    I wasn't there and don't know what happened but for anyone that has dove with Clive this is how the dives go.He does his briefings on the dive tells you the history of the dive and than does some of the dive with you.He always keeps an eye on the not so Strong divers( like me) and always tells you to keep an eye on you air.When the first person is low on air thats when Clive goes back to the boat with the person low on air.He enters the boat first than helps the divers with there gear and sets them up for the next dive.I'm not the best of divers having about sixty dives but i have always felt that if I were ever in trouble i wouldn't want anyone but Clive there to help.If you dont know him dont bash him.He has been diving on Aruba for more than twenty five years and I have never heard anything bad about him.

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    I did get a few emails since posting about the Aruba incident on this board. Really sounds like a health problem rather than a dive accident. Clive the boat owner did reportedly have safety gear and oxygen on board and is being praised for his response. If the Minister of Tourism is surfing the web, please don't bother responding to my letter.

    Stephen Weir

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